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Cashew nuts Jose Maria Fuente lives on the island of Montecristo, in the Lempa Valley estuary in southern El Salvador. The land is extremely fertile and free from contamination, because it was left fallow for the 12 years of the war. He says:

"I like everything about the work. I like working because I know it will help my future. I can buy food and I can survive. That's why I'm working the land, and I'm very proud of it."

[photo 1: Jose Maria Fuente. Credit: A Hall/Oxfam]

Carrying the harvest Juan Panda Santara, is glad that he and other members of his community are seeing the benefits of their labour:

"Now, we can all share the profit between ourselves. We use it to repay the loan on a boat we bought to transport the cashews."

[photo 2: Juan Panda Santara. Credit: A Hail/Oxfam]

Cashew nut tree

"To protect the area from becoming desert in the future, every family and community decided that 10 per cent of the land would be forested. That's how the cashew nut plantations came about. The cashew trees give us food, shelter, and money." Simon, an SES worker.

[photo 3: cashew nut trees. Credit: A Hail/Oxfam]