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Influencing the Influential
- Oxfam lnternational's advocacy work

Oxfam International believes that the growing causes and effects of poverty require a global response. Through our field work we find that many of the causes of poverty can not be solved through overseas project work alone. The Oxfam International Advocacy office co-ordinates the development of joint strategies and policies for all its members and for partners in the South.

Through targeting influential players in governments and institutions such as the World Bank and the United Nations, Oxfam International Advocacy works to influence the policies which affect the lives of millions of poor people. We do this by working together through co-ordinated, simultaneous lobbying in 11 capital cities, with our Southern partner organisations, and through direct lobbying of international institutions. Our current objectives for advocacy work include:

The Burden of World Debt

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The Great Lakes Region of Central Africa

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