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Fair trade with Oxfam

Five of the members of Oxfam International are actively involved in Fair Trade: Australia, Great Britain, Belgium, Canada, and Spain.

With nearly 500 groups of small producers in the South, Fair Trade really is a trading lifeline for many families and communities. Fair prices and fair working conditions are key issues, but Fair Trade is also about helping producers with product development, access to credit, worker education, and lobbying internationally for fairer economic relations - for example, in the coffee, cocoa, banana, and textile industries.

Take a look at some of the delicious Fair Trade foods and beautiful crafts currently available- visit OI members' Fair Trade Web site pages below

Link to Fair Trade Pages

Indian Silks
[photo: Koyalagudam, India- Hand Loom Weavers]
Cotton looming
[photo: Hand Loom Weavers- Cotton Bedsheet]
Cafe Direct coffee
[photo: Cafe Direct- Bosiso Coop Union]