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REALbasic Arcade Game Project:
Lunar Lander

Screenshot of the game in progress

I've enjoyed arcade games of the 'land your spaceship on a rocky planet fighting against gravity' genre ever since playing 'Jupiter Lander' on a friend's Vic-20 (anybody remember that classic computer?). So my first major project with REALbasic has been to re-create that kind of game on the Macintosh.

The game is posted here as a standalone application, and as it progresses I hope to post updated versions. My source code will be here too, as soon as it is in a remotely readable state!!! Everything you see (including this page) is very much a 'work in progress', so pop back later to see how things are developing...

The keys to play the game are: Spacebar (downward thrust) and left/ right arrows. The little sliders move to indicate your horizontal/ vertical velocity and as long as you are in the 'green' zones when you hit a platform you will refuel and accumulate some points. If you hit the rocks or hit a platform too fast you will explode and start again with less fuel. The game ends when you have no fuel left. The game displays a simple throwaway splashscreen when you run it, and remains playing until you press the mouse button.

If you've got something you'd like to say, feel free to e-mail me at with your comments.
Download the game

Download the game
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Last Updated: 18th August 1999